The Yosmite Engineering Pvt Ltd., hot blast valve is designed and service proven for continuous operation to stove dome temperatures. Stove change time is kept to a minimum as it takes only 10 seconds to open or close the valve. Compared to mushroom valve designs, less space is required, the pressure drop is negligible, costly piping and cable devices are eliminated; also the capital equipment cost is considerably less. The valve can also be used for backdrafting stack control-and further, is interchangeable with the stove burner valve with slight alterations.


The hot blast valve disc is driven in either direction by means of levers and links. This provides a positive drive for both the opening and closing cycles. These levers and links are fitted with self-lubricating bronze bushings at the fulcrum points with grease fittings furnished for external lubrication. A central lubrication center is an optional feature.

Motor Operation

The lever and link system is directly mounted to the output shaft of a Yosmite Power Drive or a Limitorque actuator. The valve Power Drive is specifically designed for heavy duty service. The motor is protected by a built-in torque device mounted directly to the output shaft; also a motor overload relay, installed in the motor starter, as a safety precaution. In event of power failure, manual operation can be achieved with a handwheel or chainwheel with a declutch lever. A large disc position indicator is also included. The Yosmite Power Drive is interchangeable with other actuators of similar specifications.


The superstructure and the actuator is conveniently mounted to the valve. External limit switches and a captive counterweight are furnished as standard equipment. The valve is completely self-supporting in the line. Further, it is not necessary to use supporting structures or tie bars to protect the valve from hot blast thrust.

Fabricated Steel Body... with cooling water controlled for specific velocities.
Vented Water Cooling System... all body and seating ring cooling passages are vented for continuous flow-eliminating any possibility of steam pockets; also provides visual inspection of cooling water flow.
Valve Disc... exclusive spiral water cooling vented design for maximum heat transfer, with controlled water velocity.
Disc Cooling Supply & Discharge Water... two stainless steel stems at the top of the disc through flexible hoses-(optional) one for the inlet supply and the other for the outlet discharge.
Self-Supporting... no outside support structure is required
Valve... shipped completely assembled-ready for field installation.
Cooling Stems & Hoses... fastened to the drive structure-facilitating opening or closing of valve.
High Temperature Refractory Lining... reinforced with corrosion resistant rod in each flange neck...factory installed to simplify field installation.
Superstructure Conveniently Mounted to Valve... sufficient travel permits easy removal of disc and bonnet assembly from the body...stem guides assure parallel disc seating.
Motor Operation... opens or closes in 10 seconds..."built-in" torque. Testing Prior to Shipment... each valve is pressure test and cycle tested, using torque and limit switches; also rigidly inspected prior to shipment.

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