Knife Edge Gate Valve

Pneumatic actuators are designed for easy mounting on the VAAS range of knife gate valves and offer inter-changeabilty with the manual operator in most sizes and designs. These actuators employ a proven piston seal design that uses a PTFE seal backed with nitrile o-ring. Combined with the standard FRP cylinder tube, they offer very low friction and long seal life. The piston rod is stainless steel for good corrosion resistance and long trouble-free operation.

  • Design: Double acting linear actuators
  • Wide size range: 50mm to 500mm diameter, various strokes
  • Cylinder tube material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), Steel, Aluminum
  • Pressure rating 10 bar max
  • Temperature rating: Max 100 deg C (FRP cylinder), 220 deg C (Metallic/viton seals)
  • Stroke adjustment: Provided at top
  • Models variants:Actuators available with different tube options
    • With FRP cylinder tube – Series CCGCx
    • With Aluminum cylinder tube – Series CCACx
    • With Steel cylinder tube – Series CCMCx