Welcome to Yosmite
Yosmite leads the charge in pioneering excellence, specializing in the precise design, manufacturing, and global export of top-tier Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Modular Process Skids, Marine Buoyancy Vessels, and BF Valves.
Our expertise spans industries from Oil & Gas to Defence, delivering unmatched quality and innovation. With a track record of triumphs, we uphold unwavering standards and motivation, ensuring excellence in every project, no matter how complex. Our dedication to precision and innovation is the cornerstone of our success, driving meticulous quality control from start to finish.
Operating within a culture of exacting standards, Yosmite adheres to rigorous protocols at every level, guaranteeing flawless execution and customer satisfaction.
Our Products
Discover our tailored services for your energy needs. From skilled manpower sourcing to meticulous project works, Yosmite Engineering ensures excellence in every endeavor.
Pressure Vessels
We design, manufacture, and install pressure vessels for global industries, emphasizing safety and durability.
Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger transfers heat to cool, heat, or condense a liquid, typically consisting of a tubular bundle, and distribution boxes.
Column Reactor
With pride, we have delivered numerous high-spec, large-volume items to esteemed clients who recognize...
Process Skids
Our skid systems are self-contained units featuring pumps, heat exchangers, valves, electrical wiring, instrumentation...
Buoyancy Marine Vessels
We specialize in crafting high-performance vessels that excel in buoyancy, stability, and durability. With 12 years...
BF Valves
Yosmite Engineering offers an extensive selection of valves and flow control equipment tailored for a diverse range of applications...
Precision Solutions, Global Reach
Specializing in precision-engineered pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors, and process skids, including innovative designs for buoyancy marine vessels.